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Our Core Products

We stock an extensive selection of wines by category and country of origin.  Review product descriptions and comparisons and make the best informed decision for you.  

Whole Cellars has the Spirt and we show it with an impressive array of spirts from around the world.  Always with an emphasis on best quality and value to our customers.

We take pride in our wide selection of beers sourced locally and internationally. Catering to our beer connoisseurs is a priority that we take very seriously.

Thanks to the country’s record a high number of breweries, the quality, and diversity of beer is at an all-time high. You can find almost any flavor in the craft beer breweries today.

Whole Cellars is a Calgary liquor store near you with South East and  North East locations. We pride ourselves in our customer service and ensuring an outstanding selection of competitively priced wines, beers, and spirits.  Our Calgary Liquor Store near you is stocked with the finest local craft beers. Sample them at our growler bar and take home a new favourite. Taste the difference!

If its cold beer you like, Whole Cellars has the coldest beer on the planet and we back that up!  For those beer connoisseurs who prefer a more traditional brew at room temperature, we cater to your tastes with a wide selection of domestic and internationally sourced brews.

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